Cross country

At the beginning of November, the Winton cross country team attended their second league event of the year at Sir David English. 33 children from Year 4, 5 and 6 confidently took to the start line to complete the 1 mile course. After the first event both the Year 5 and Year 6 teams were sitting in 2nd place overall, and with a slight incline towards the finish line it really was going to be a test of endurance for the runners in their sprint finishes.

There were 15 schools in attendance at the event and over 100 runners in each race, the top finishers in the second race were:

Year 5 cross country event 2:

Benji 1st

Eva 2nd

Jude 13th

Henry 18th

Lyra 19th

Year 6 cross country event 2:

Connor 6th

Florence 11th

Daniel 14th

Kadie 18th

Hugo 21st

Luke 22nd

We have had a nervous wait for a few weeks while the scores for each runner were added up into individual league positions and overall positions to find out where we have placed. In the individual cross country league runners must have raced in both events and their finishing position was totalled together to give runners a position on the table.

Individual cross country runners league results

Year 5 boys league (both race scores combined)

Benji 1st

Henry 11th

Hugo 17th

Nathan 22nd

Arlo 24th

Mace 27th

Hamza 42nd

Year 5 girls league (both race scores combined)

Eva 3rd

Lyra 10th

Year 6 boys league (both race scores combined)

Connor 6th

Daniel 7th

Hugo 17th

Luke 18th

Leo 23rd

Jack 25th

Bailey 26th

Milo 35th

Year 6 girls league (both race scores combined)

Florence 10th

Kadie 15th

Maliha 21st

As a school we finished in 2nd position for the team results in both the Year 5 league and the Year 6 league which is an incredible achievement and a testament to the hard work and dedication of every single child that represented Winton at cross country this year.