Fit4Life Leaders

This week twenty five year 4 pupils started their new roles as Fit4Life leaders – part of their role will be to help The PE Team get the children of Winton even more active and healthier than they ever thought possible! The children received T-shirts with the unique Fit4Life logo on and set to work on doing research for future food factory lessons. Part of the Fit4Life curriculum involves all of the children in the school constantly being able to make informed choices about what food and drink they put into their bodies and this is done, in part,  through the study of various areas of nutrition. Over the next few weeks the children will be researching the varying amount of sugars that are in breakfast cereals and what they can do to make better choices on what they eat before they come to school. As a follow up from this the Fit4Life Leaders will be able to inform the younger children in the school about how they can eat a healthier breakfast too. We look forward to The Fit4Life leaders making a real difference to the health and well being of the school. Good luck everyone.