Weaving in Year 4

During Arts Week, Year 4 were inspired by the work of Isatou in ‘One Plastic Bag’ and created some amazing weaving art. The first step, was to practice the weaving pattern of over and under using a fish outline and ribbon. Some students even tried to make a colourful rainbow pattern with different coloured ribbon. 

Next, we focused on using this new found skill on a circular template. We used recycled cardboard and string to practice our skills ready for our final step.

Using wool and recycled plastic bags we created our masterpieces. Students were also asked to think about what other material they could use to weave that could help the planet just like Isatou did in ‘One Plastic Bag’ to help clean her village of plastic. 

Well done Year 4 for producing some incredible weaving and being resilient throughout the process.