Tin Forest

Year 2 had a superb start to the year with their art and design and technology learning based on the story ‘The Tin Forest’. 

They have mixed colours and tints and tones and printed with real leaves, noticing the veins and different parts of a leaf. 

The children then sketched leaves and thought carefully about how hard they pressed, how dark and thick they wanted the lines to be and which parts needed to be shaded. 

Following on from the sketching the children planned and then made a polystyrene tile ready to print with. 

The children carved their leaf design into the polystyrene tile. They then mixed colours to either make green or grey and used the paint to print leaves. 

Weaving, plaiting and sewing were also on the list of skills to learn! 

All this learning, and much more, has created an amazing tin forest and exotic forest on display in school. Keep an eye out for more blogs from Year 2 for the final display.