Treachery at Traitors’ Quay

For the last 3 months, Year 6 have been preparing for their end of year performance. The hard work started way back in January when Mrs Elliott started teaching the year group the songs as part of their music lessons. Auditions were held for those who wanted speaking parts in May and then it was time to learn lines. 

We have been so impressed with how the whole year have thrown themselves into practices during their break times, lunchtimes and in their own time after school to ensure that we have been successful. During school time, rehearsals were led by Mrs Stone and Miss Long to get those lines and acting perfect as well as the making of our magnificent props and sets by Mrs Taylor, Mrs Wallen, Miss Whitmarsh, Mrs Powell and Mrs Elliott alongside children. As well as those on stage, the children stepped up to control microphones, lights and stage management. 

Our hard work culminated in four performances – two to Years 3, 4 and 5 students and two evening performances to grown ups.  Everyone was blown away by their performance and there wasn’t a dry eye in the hall at the end. Good job Year 6! 

Our main characters

Air raid wardens

The Eggin-Drakes

Evacuated children

HM Grogg, Parker and Miss Albright 

The Homeguard

Land girls and sheep

PC and Mrs Loveham


Our chorus

Backstage and technical crew

Our whole cast