Our First Sports Day!

In Reception we had the best time at our first ever sports day, every one of us tried our best and won lots of points for our house teams. 

We came out to the field to do our school dance, we were all busy looking for our grown ups, and we couldn’t wait to get started. When we had set off in our groups, we all moved around the 4 activities. Each of these we had been practising in PE with Miss Yelland and Mr Millar. We even had some very helpful Year 6 children to help us and made notes of our points. 

We moved through:

  • Football skills, kicking the ball into the net and past the goalie. 
  • Bean bag throw, throwing the beanbag as far as we could to get as many points in each hoop.
  • Golf skills, using the club to move it across the cones, getting ten points for each round. 
  • Sprint races, running as fast as we could to the finish line. 

Well done everyone, you were all superstars, I wonder what we will do in PE next year when we move to Year One?