Artists in the Making

Year 3 have become artist over the last few weeks, doing a range of different activities in different classrooms. With Miss Buckhurst, we looked at Surrealism. We learnt that it was an art and cultural movement which began in 1920 where images are based on fantasy and the world of dreams. We picked three different objects out of a hat and combined them to create our own surreal creatures. Here are some of our end results:


With Mrs Poole, we looked at the style of art called Cubism. We were inspired by portraits by the artist Pablo Picasso and we had a go at drawing some of our own. What do you think? We liked the way we could make our faces look as weird and colourful as we could.

With Mrs Grant, we also looked at the artist Pablo Picasso but we focussed on his line drawing style. We tried to imitate his artwork by keeping our pencil on the paper and not lifting it up until our drawing was done. What do you think of our efforts?

With Miss Mayes, we studied Abstract art by Alma Thomas. She used dots in a circle pattern to create her art. We used brightly coloured paints and had a go at our own versions. We found it hard to use dots to make the circle but liked making it bigger and bigger around the outside.