Ideas are flowing!

Year 4 have made a fantastic start to their latest topic: ‘Where do rivers come from and where do they go?’ For their Topic homework, they were asked to create a depiction of a river in any way they choose. It could be painted, modelled or even built from Lego!  We asked them to show the river from source to sea and include labels to identify parts of the river’s journey. We have already had some brilliant contributions from across the year group. 

This model used real plant and rocks to make a beautiful river landscape.

Whereas this diorama clearly shows how the source of a river can begin high in the mountain.

In the picture above real grass was used to produce an idyllic river scene.

This design included a stunning waterfall!

This pupil painted a lovely river scene.

these two models not only produced spectacular scenes but also labelled them to show the various parts of the river.


Some pupils ingeniously used the medium of Lego for their creations!

Finally, Ben used Minecraft to design an entire world that demonstrated brilliantly the stages of a river.