Super Scientists

We have been super scientists this week in Year 2. We have been asking questions, observing closely and suggesting answers to our observations.

We wanted to find out what would happen if we mixed bicarbonate of soda with water, lemon juice or vinegar.

First we tested water.

Then we tested lemon juice.

Finally we tested vinegar.

We found out that there was a lot of fizzing and bubbles when we added lemon juice and vinegar but not with the water.

Benji wanted to know what the ingredients of the vinegar and the lemon juice were to see if there was something in both of them that made them both fizz.

We found out that it was the acid in the vinegar and lemon juice that made the bubbles.

Finally Charlie asked if we could mix the vinegar and the lemon juice together to see if there would be a bigger reaction.

There certainly was!

Jack said that if we added the water as well it would dilute the mixture and there wouldn’t be as many bubbles.

We had great fun finding out.