Transport Display

Reception children have loved our topic, “How did people from the past get around?”

Each week we have looked at a different mode of transport, and compared the past, to now. We were amazed by how many vehicles have changed and loved watching some very old videos to make our own comparisons. We have had some super car visitors this topic too. We started with Mr Whitehouse who brought in his motor bike to show us. Then we had a visit from the Police, to tell us how their vehicle helps them do their work. After this we had a vintage Mini come in, we looked at how different it looks to our cars now, it even had wind up windows! And finally we had a visit from a brand new electric car. This had a huge screen inside like an Ipad and you could even play games on it! 

After all of our visits, we had to get on with some hard work. We had had a video from Cliff the station manager at the start of our topic, asking us to display some work at the train station in Bournemouth to brighten up the place. So each class chose their favourite mode of transport we had been learning about, and from this we wrote facts and did some great art work for each. We coloured, painted, chalked and collaged some super transport pictures and made a great display.

Pears chose to make some hot air balloon and bike work, Apples did some boats and helicopters, Plums did some work on cars and motorbikes and Cherries did planes and trains. We would love for you to get down to the train station and take a look for yourselves. It is posted on the Lidl side of the station, right by the ticket both! Let us know what you think, well done for all your hard work Reception!