Time to celebrate!

We at Winton are very proud of our new playground clock! Not just because it is a fantastic addition to the playground, or that it helps us tell the time, or even that it lets us know how much playtime we have left. We are most proud of the fact that it was made by the children themselves! At the end of the last school year we asked every child in the school to submit a design idea for a new playground clock. We had some fantastic suggestions that really captured the spirit and flavour of our school. After a great deal of deliberation we decided that our Winton tree should have pride of place on the clock. Through our membership of the Bournemouth’s Cultural Hub (an organisation of local arts professionals that help schools integrate a wide range of arts opportunities into the curriculum) we were very lucky to have local artist Heidi Steller come into school to run a mosaic workshop. Working with children from years 4,5 and 6, Heidi spent the day turning our design into a wonderful mosaic. She then went away and completed the clock which now has pride of place in our playground. The clock has had a fantastic reception and we would like to say a huge thank you to Heidi and the Cultural Hub for making it possible.