Live teaching with Pie Corbett!

Over the past three weeks year 5 children have been taking part in live teaching sessions. The sessions are part of the world renowned Pie Corbett Talk for writing network. They are designed to enhance the pupils creative writing through discussion, models and also interaction. Pie and his team ( John Sutton pictured above) guide the children step by step on a journey of imagination.

Each pair of are equipped with an iPad and, with the help of Pie and his team, take part in a series of activities that allow them to think more deeply about the content of their writing. The pace is very fast and the children have to be on their toes in order to keep up with the tasks!
They are able to interact directly with the teachers by using a piece of software called the “padlet”. If the short writing submissions are accurate then there is a good chance that they will get a mention on the live feed which is very exciting!

There are also live jotcasts which allows for a longer piece of writing and a follow blog task which many of the children have enjoyed submitting their work to. If you google “” you may see some of the WPS children’s excellent work along with examples from other schools in the UK and as far afield as Japan!