Terrific Topic

In Year 1 the children are learning about animals and classification in the topic “How is a frog different to a snake?”

They have learnt about mammals, plotted some on the map of the world and linked where they live to the seven continents. The question of the day for the mammal lesson was ” Do all mammals have fur or hair?” The children were a little confused to start with as they learnt that a dolphin is a mammal, surely that doesn’t have fur?! Fascinating fact for you; baby dolphins are a little hairy, no fur, but a little hair! 

In another lesson the children were asked do all invertebrates have bones? They soon realised that actually NO invertebrates have bones! Some have an exoskeleton and some a soft and squishy, but none have a back bone. 

In the reptile lesson the children learnt that reptiles are cold blooded. 

The question of the day for reptiles was “Can all reptiles swim?” Most can, apparently, but tortoises are dreadful swimmers! 

In an art lesson the children learnt how to use lines and dots and use different pressure with a crayon to draw animal skins. 

Alongside the animals topic the children have also had some stand alone lessons on plants and the seasons. This week they have looked closely at a real plant and dissected it, naming the different parts. They then went on to draw and label the basic parts of a plant. 

Well done Year 1. Keep up the good work.