What a Discovery!

Year two had a pleasant surprise today. During the afternoon they received an e-mail from Mr. Keeley explaining that holes had appeared in the courtyard! Interestingly, the children had just finished listening to the story of ‘Gopher to the Rescue’ and decided to go and investigate further!

After a few minutes in the courtyard the children discovered the whereabouts of several holes and had lots of interesting questions to ask about them.

Here are a few of the children’s questions.

What could it be because the hole is so deep?

Each hole is getting deeper, why is that?

Why was the mud in the hole moving?

If the holes are so deep what animal could have made them?

How was the biggest hole made, as there is a wooden floor?

Can an animal dig through wood?

Could it be a Gopher from America that’s escaped?

We’re sure the children will have great fun finding the answers to all of their questions.