Pop-tastic Art!

As part of our Art Attack topic this term the children in Year 1 have been learning about lots of different artistic techniques. This week the children have been learning about adding texture to paint and exploring what will happen. Our week started by feeling a range of different textures and deciding what textures would be appropriate for our jungle paintings. Some of the children decided scrunching tissue paper would be great to represent crunchy leaves. Other children thought using cotton wool would be great as the soft tree tops. Lots of children decided straws would be fantastic for bamboo and trees. We even had a few children add real leaves to their paintings! After adding the textures to their paper the children used paint to see how it changed the materials. The cotton wool wasn’t so soft anymore! I think you’ll agree the paintings the children made looked super. Then it was time to make the paintings pop into life. After painting their backgrounds the children then made the lever part of the art. They coloured characters and stuck them to a lollystick before popping their character into their jungle scene. Amazing art year 1, well done!