Yr 6 Sports Day 2021

The blue cloudless skies opened up beautifully as the sun erupted out for the entirety of Year 6’s Sports Day; a world away from their rain filled Fun Run earlier in the year. Of course this was a great excuse for the teachers (and the children) to make good use of the water relay by getting more water over themselves rather than in the golden bucket which was supposed to be filling up as one of the many sporting activities on the day. Mr King was especially shown just how much he has been valued this year with a complete soaking from head to toe to finish the event at the end of the afternoon! Relays, sprints and a carousel of events made up a lovely afternoon where the whole of Year 6 showed us just why they will be very much missed at the end of the year. Great sportsmanship and behaviour as well as a determination to succeed (especially from those children that made the highlight event ‘The Girls and Boys 50m Sprint finals’) made for an enjoyment cocktail that had everybody smiling. Enjoy the video below which captures a flavour of the day.