Year 1 Sports Day

Last Tuesday Year 1 had their Sports Day for 2021. What followed was an avalanche of sprints, relays, sporting challenges and a whole heap of fun! The morning started with a rakish rendition of ‘3Lions’ to get everyone in the spirit as they took on their 50m sprint heats within their class bubbles. This would determine the two boys and two girls from each class that would qualify for the sprint finals at the very end of the morning. Then the children took to a carousel of sporting challenges which included trying to throw a welly boot as far as they could; trying to throw a bean bag into a range of near to far targets; play a load of dodgeball games where ducking, diving, darting, catching and of course dodging skills were needed; trying to score on the football and handball shooting stations against our Year 5/6 Bronze Sporting Ambassadors and to try and run the gauntlet of our Winton Water relay without getting too wet and losing too much of their own water. After this there was a frenzy of excitement as classes took on each other in a range of (short, long, with or without hurdles) relay races. Then it was time for the girls and boys 50m sprint finals. They were fantastic and exciting close encounters of speed. I hope you enjoy the video so that you can see for yourselves everyone in action. Well done Year 1.