Year 2 time telling

Year 2 have been very busy working out what the time is. Telling the time is a very important skill in everyday life, but it can be tricky to grasp.  Not only have the children been learning to read the time on their clocks, they have also been practising drawing the time on a blank clock face.

Some of the children commented on how hard it is to read the time on some clocks because the hands look the same size, whilst other children found drawing the hands tricky as they needed to make sure that the hour hand was smaller than the minute hand and positioned just past or before the hour.

The children really enjoyed playing the time game. In this game they were given a time and had to show the time using their own class clocks. They have got very quick at doing this for o’clock, quarter to, quarter past and 5 minute intervals, such as 5 past one and 20 to 11. Next we will be looking at sequencing time and time word problems!

Keep practising Year 2 and you’ll soon be super time tellers!

Well done Year 2!