Summer Visitor

2KL were recently treated to a very special visitor. Mr. Keeley had been watering the plants around the school grounds when he discovered this wonderful summer bug. Stag beetles are the UK’s largest beetle and can grow up to 8cm long. Although stag beetles can look quite fearsome they are actually harmless to us.

At first the children (and some of the staff) felt a little bit nervous about getting too close to this spectacular insect, but after a few minutes everyone began to feel more confident, with some children even giving the stag beetle a very gentle stroke.

The children were very excited and wanted to find out more about all the insects that live and visit the flower beds at Winton Primary School.

Next time you’re in the school, as you pass by the flower borders and garden area, take a look closely at the beautiful plants, and vegetables. You just might get to see a stag beetle!