Year 1 Olympic Games

Year 1 competed in our very own Winton Olympic Games. They hosted their own Closing Ceremony which included flags, dancing and a lot of Year 1 athletes. This year, the Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo and the children were eager to find out more about the sports that athletes compete in, the countries that compete and the history of the games. We were lucky enough to have a local police officer send us a video where she shared her story of her relay with the Olympic Torch. The police officer explained why she was chosen and also what the Olympics meant to the country hosting it. This led us to watching part of the London 2021 Opening and Closing Ceremony. Year 1 were so excited by what they saw that they wanted to put on their own ceremony! 

1LY represented India, 1ND represented South Africa, 1NP represented New Zealand and 1SM represented Ireland. Each “country” showed off their dances on the field and their Year 1 audience waved their flags and cheered.

Our Year 1 athletes competed in howler throwing, hurdles, standing jump and sprint races. We had a wonderful afternoon and Year 1 showed great sportsmanship as they cheered and encouraged their friends. At the end of the competition, we handed out medals to all our competitors.

Check out a short video of our Winton Olympics Games! Well done, Year 1!