Amazing Authors!

In Year One and Two this week we have been so lucky to have a talk with a local author. He has just started writing children’s books and was kind enough to test it out his new book on us. We logged in to our zoom call and Jon Ball met us to talk about his new book, ‘Me, You and the Last Blue Gnu’. 

He read us his super story, while we listened to how the explorer Sir Montague Crew explored the jungle looking for the last blue Gnu. We all really liked the pictures that he had drawn and loved how the explorer found them but left them alone to live freely in the wild. 

We were then very lucky to have a sneak preview of his latest book which will be finished next week. We saw some of his art work and he told us how his next story will be the search for a mysterious sea creature. 

We then had some time to ask Jon some questions, we came up with some super ones, which showed how well we were listening to the story. 

We all asked Jon:

How long does it take to write a book? – He said this one was very quick and only took him about a week. 

Where do Blue Gnus really live? – He told us he thought in the Jungle, but he has merged some animals together to make his story. 

What is it like to be an author? – He said he really likes it, he likes using his imagination to make up all sorts of wonderful things. 

We really enjoyed his story and hope that we can see his new book when it is finished – Thank you Jon!