Outdoor learning

In Reception the children have been enjoying outdoor learning and PE in the (mostly!) dry weather. The children have loved playing with their friends, using their imaginations and practising lots of different skills. As part of our topic on growing they have been measuring pictures of beans and flowers, as well as checking on the beans we are growing inside the classrooms.


They have been making their own obstacle courses and then testing them out, and practising their balance skills.


The sand pit is always popular. It is great place to experiment with the sand and make dinner!


In class we have been learning about the number of tens and ones in numbers up to 20. This continued outside with a numicon number hunt. The children enjoyed finding the numicon number shapes and writing down which numbers they had found.


The animals are very well used in Reception! The children made up their own games using the animals. A group of girls made an animal safari, and another pair decided to put the animals into a very long queue. 


The cars are also very popular. A couple of girls decided to make a ramp and find out how far and how fast the cars went down it. 

Some of the children love kicking a ball around with their friends.

Finally, here are some pictures of the children enjoying PE. They really like PE because there are lots of fun games and activities to play in each session. The children have been practising their dribbling, throwing and catching, running and jumping skills. I hope you enjoy these action shots.