Stepping into Spring

On a warm Spring afternoon the children in Year 1 enjoyed looking for the signs of Spring in the school grounds. Wow, we found so many! After finding lots of different flowers including bluebells, daffodils and tulips we were even lucky enough to find Mr Keeley in the greenhouse! He discussed with the children what is currently growing around school and in the courtyard. The children were also very excited to hear that the raspberry bushes round by Year 5 were beginning to grow. Keep a look out as I think we may be lucky enough to see some raspberries soon! After we left Mr Keeley we discussed as a class what changes we will see in the season of Spring. The children noticed that the daylight hours are starting to get longer and lots of the children are now going to bed when it is still sunny. The children also noted that the animals around school had begun to change. The children saw more birds on our walk than we did in the Autumn and they also spoke about animals coming out of hibernation. We are so lucky to have such beautiful school grounds and the children are very excited to look after the plants and wildlife in our local area. Brilliant knowledge Year 1.