Splish Splash!!

In Year One last half term we have been busy learning about measure, we started by looking at measuring length. We looked first at non-standard units of measure, measuring objects with blocks and different toys from around the classroom, then we looked at using a ruler. We know that we always need to put our ruler next to the object, carefully placing the 0cm at one end, then we can read along to see how long or short something is. 

We then looked at some weighing. We used balance scales to compare how heavy items in our classrooms were, we had great fun looking at home if one of the sides of the scales dips lower, then that is the heavier item. It was really interesting to see how heavy items were using the multilink. Some of the heavier items we found weren’t always the biggest, and some of the big things we put into our scales, like books, were actually very light. 

This week we have moved onto capacity and volume. We did lots of experimenting in the class with different containers to see which would hold the most liquid. We used vocabulary such as full, empty, half full, almost full and almost empty to describe what we saw in each container. We then took them outside to explore for ourselves. 

We all spent time filling up our containers until they were completely full, some of us working together to help fill up our jugs or tubes. We looked at the size of each container and estimated which would hold the most liquid and therefore have the biggest capacity.

Lots of us noticed that there were numbers on the side of our jugs and containers so we even talked about millilitres and litres. We have really enjoyed our measuring unit this half term, especially being able to have a go ourselves outside with the water! 

Super work Year One!