Year 4 having fun outdoors

Our daily sessions out of the classroom are always exciting and enjoyable. Lots of the time we use them to run off a bit of steam or play some games and make some noise. However, every Thursday morning Year 4 are lucky enough to have some timetabled time in the courtyard which is a real treat. It’s lovely to be out there surrounded by plants and nature and to see what is growing, fruiting and what is ready to be harvested. Each week, we do different activities and the past two weeks we have actually taken our English outdoors! 

Last week, we practised storytelling by moving through the stages of a story as seen in the picture below.

First, we each told a whole story stepping to a new cone as the story progressed. Then, we challenged ourselves to tell a story as part of a team with different people taking on each section of the story. This was both challenging and hilarious as it was tricky to get the story to make sense. It turned out, the great listeners were the best storytellers on this challenge. Here are some photos of us enjoying this activity. 

This week, we decided to do something different and took our whiteboards outside and used the space to practise our Year 3/4 spellings (we call them jumping orange words). We loved challenging our friends to spell new words by guessing the missing letters. Here are some photos of the fun we had!