Reception Readers

This term the children have enjoyed visiting the school library. As part of getting the children even more excited about reading we are taking the children to the library once a week to see all the different books on offer! Each class enjoyed their first visit this week. We discussed the rules of the library, and the children did an excellent job of using a whispered voice and taking care of the books they took off the shelf. The children showed excellent care when taking books off the shelf and opening them, great job!

The children then had to time to explore the different books on offer in the library. Some children sat and looked at the picture books with friends, other children wanted to find a quiet place to sit and read a book to themself, and some children even read a book to their friend. It was a pleasure to see all the children engaged and loving reading the books on offer.

At the end of our first visit the children then got to choose their favourite books, and as a treat we have borrowed them from the library. The children are now looking after the books in our class book corner. Have a look at the pictures below to see how much we enjoyed our first trip to the library, I know the children are very excited to go back next week!