Year 1

Welcome to the Year One page!

This half term we are becoming scientists, geographers and historians! As part of our topic we will be learning about the work of Mary Anning and how she knew she had found dinosaur fossils. 

Have a look at these links to find out more.

Dinosaurs - BBC Teach

Calculating the height of a dinosaur | Operation Awesome | BBC Teach - YouTube

How dinosaurs footprints get made in solid rock | Operation Awesome | BBC Teach - YouTube  

DINOSAURS: all you need to know | Educational Videos for Kids - YouTube

Dinosaurs 101 | National Geographic - YouTube

Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures and Prehistoric Adventures are also a good place to head for information on dinosaurs.

Find out about Mary Anning

The life and work of Mary Anning (dramatisation) | History - True Stories - YouTube 

Mary Anning: Fossil Hunter | Science for Kids - YouTube


We will also continue to be scientists and observe the weather and seasons that are happening outside the classroom window.

How does the weather change with the seasons?

The Great British Year: Four Seasons | BBC Teach - YouTube

Geography | KS1 | KS2 | The seasons | BBC Teach - YouTube

Time Lapse of the Changing Seasons | BBC Teach - YouTube

The Seasons - YouTube playlist

How does the weather change across the seasons? (


How does the length of the day change throughout the year?

Daylight Saving Time - BrainPop UK - YouTube

Why do we change the clocks? - BBC News - YouTube

Why do some trees drop their leaves and others don’t?

KS1 Science: Evergreen and Deciduous Trees - YouTube

Types of Trees for Kids | KS1 Evergreen and Deciduous Trees Lesson - YouTube

How do trees change across the seasons? (

What is the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees? (


As artists and designers we will be making clay models of dinosaurs. Why not have a go at home using playdough or salt dough?

Here are some videos to help you.

How to make a Dinosaur with play doh/Clay modelling Dinosaur/DIY Play doh Dinosaur - YouTube

Play Doh Dinosaur | How To Make Play Doh Dinosaur | DIY Play Doh Dinosaur | Dinosaur Train - YouTube

Dinosaur Forms with Model Magic - YouTube

We are also exploring colour and colour mixing.

What happens when you add white to a colour or black?

Tints and Shades - YouTube