Below is a link to a leaflet produced by the Local Safeguarding Board which details how children are kept safe in education.  The information is common to all schools but also includes the school's contacts for various areas of safeguarding children.  The leaflet is available in a variety of languages.  You can request it in a different language at the school office.

If you have a concern about bullying then the school Anti-Bullying Policy is available in the policies section of this website.  Useful information and guidance for parents about supporting their child if they are worried about bullying can be accessed by clicking here.

The Local Authority has a Family Information Service that can provide free and impartial advice to parents on many aspects of education.  The website and contact details can be accessed by clicking here.

In order to be safe it is important that children are protected from witnessing domestic abuse.  Managing situations can be difficult for parents and advice and support is available from the following link.

The Prevent duty is a programme to ensure that children are not exposed to extremism.  Advice can be accessed here if you have a concern about extremism or you can contact the school and ask to speak to Mr Tarchetti, Designated Safeguarding Lead.