Romans Rock!

Romans Rock!

Take a look at some of Year 3’s learning about the Romans at Winton Primary School this term:

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Image result for roman mosaicsThe children also designed and made Roman mosiacs and chariotsImage result for roman chariots

Image result for roman godThe children carried out excellent research to find out more about the Roman Gods, Goddesses and everyday life in Ancient Rome.

Image result for performance clip artYear 3 launched thier Roman topic by dressing as different members of Ancient Rome’s society. They learned about how the Romans used their own numeric system and practiced applying their learning by solving Roman Numeral sums.  Later in the day, The Treehouse Theatre worked with each Year 3 class to learn a ‘Play in a Day’. They learned, rehearsed and then performed a four-part play that retold some of the fascinating and tumultuous events of Rome’s history.