Rights Respecting

We are a Rights Respecting School

We are currently working towards achieving the Level 2 Rights Respecting School (RRS) Award.  At our school, the children learn about rights through the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).  Children learn that everyone has rights and by understanding their own rights they come to appreciate the right of others.  A key part of the teaching is that whilst everyone has rights they also have responsibilities.  It is by adhering to the responsibilities that the rights of everyone in our school community are maintained e.g. we have the right to be safe so we have the responsibility to be kind and gentle.

Our behaviour system uses the rights and responsibilities approach to ensure that each class, or area of the school, has rules and a charter. This is displayed in very classroom and is displayed in the hall for all to see.

This is what we have been working on this year (2016-2017) towards our level 2 award.

September 2016

Every class made a class charter to show what rights they have in school and how to be a responsible member of the class. They look really great up in every class as they are clearly displayed in a child friendly way for everyone to use.

October 2016

Each class has a school council member and a rights respecting leader from year one to year 6.  Each phase holds regular meetings to discuss how we can develop our school to achieve level 2 status.  During October, the children made questionnaires that were completed by all the children to assess how well we know our rights.

Meet the team

Year 1 and 2

Year 3 and 4

Year 5 and 6

November 2016

This month the children have been really busy collecting the data from the questionnaires. It was really impressive to see that the children and staff feel very confident with what our rights are and how we are progressing as a rights respecting school. The children met and analysed the questionnaires. These are some of their findings:

* Children believe that rights are about respecting others and treating people how they would like to be treated.

* They think they are about helping others and being kind.

* Lots of children knew they had the right to learn, be safe, have food, clean water and be happy.

* The children believe that we can make sure everyone has their rights by helping people and being caring.

December 2016

The rights respecting reps have been busy this month displaying the RR articles on all displays around the school so that everyone becomes more familiar with the language used and the ethos runs throughout the school.

January 2017

It has already been a great start to the New Year. During rights respecting and school council meetings this month, the children have been increasing pupil voice across the school by asking how we can raise money for our new playground markings. They have all decided that they would like to have a fancy dress day to raise some money! The children in each phase are deciding on a theme that they would like to come dressed as.