What are we learning?

Every half term you will receive a Parent Information sheet detailing the learning that your child will do that half term. It will give you information on the topic learning and also the focus for English and maths. Keep your eyes peeled for the Home Learning activity as well! We hold termly parent workshops to inform you about what your child will be learning, what this looks like in action and how you can support this learning further at home. Details of these workshops are shared in our weekly newsletter. 

It is important to read with your child at least 3 times a week to help them improve, but we know this can be tricky in the early stages of reading. The video below is a model of how to support your child in those early stages and make it an enjoyable experience for both you and them. 

We often get asked how do you form letters using cursive letter formation, so we have added a PowerPoint (link below) that uses the magic pencil to help you. We hope you have fun watching this with your child.

There is also a number formation PowerPoint as well, so you can practise writing numbers, alongside using the number rhymes which are also linked, and in your Home School Diary.