Sea City Museum

What a wonderful day Year 2 had learning about the Titanic, at the Sea City museum in Southampton.  After a short drive on the coach, the children were excited to arrive and learn more about what happened aboard the Titanic. First, the children were treated to a guided tour of the museum. They observed artefacts, hunted for answers to questions and got to hear stories from survivors. The expert, who took the children on their guided tour, was blown away with the questions the children had. ‘Where did the artefacts come from?’ and ‘Who were the Titanic’s sister ships?’

After a guided tour of the museum it was time for a workshop. The children matched artefacts to their purpose, they smelt the different rooms on board, and they even completed an investigation into how the Titanic sank. After wearing some clothes, representing the different classes on board the ship, the children discussed which ticket they would’ve paid for and why. Then, after a spot of lunch, the children had some time to explore the museum independently. They particularly enjoyed phoning people who were on board, steering the ship and working in the boiler room.

Well done Year 2, you displayed fantastic behaviour in the museum and represented Winton Primary School excellently. It is safe to say the experts were impressed!