Reception have been learning about animals and where they live. They have learnt about animals you may see locally and compared this with animals that live in Scotland. They watched videos, listened to books on animals and then made a flip chart of what they knew.

The children took a trip on Google Earth to Kenya, Brazil and the Arctic to learn about animals that live in different parts of the world. They were fascinated to learn that there are over 2.5 million bugs in the Amazon rainforest and that penguins and polar bears will never meet as they live in different parts of the World.

In Indoor Learning the children have been sorting animals into their habitats and naming the different animals.


We were lucky enough to have a visit from Lisa, who works at Dorset Heath Partnerships and is an Education Officer. She talked to us about animals you might see on a heath in our local area and also what she had to do to become an Education Officer.