The Great Fire of London

Last Friday Year 2 launched their exciting new topic ‘What happened to London during the fire of 1666?’

The day started with a visit from 2 firefighters from Redhill Station. They explained what to do if there was a fire in the night. The children then acted out the routine. The challenge from the firefighters was for the children to learn their addresses and post codes.

The children then took part in a virtual lesson learning all about the lead up, the day of and the after effects of the Great Fire of London.

With each part of the learning the children were encouraged to explore different acting techniques.

First the children made a sculpture park scene by exploring what different people would be doing in 1666. They could be in the inn, market traders, foundry workers or builders.

The children expressed emotions as to how they would have felt on that night. Some were cross with Thomas Farriner and some were scared and upset.

The children learnt a new version of the song ‘London’s Burning’ using newly learnt facts about leather buckets, fire hooks and fire squirts.

Through mime the children learnt how the people of London buried their prized possessions so they wouldn’t burn. Samuel Pepys was famous for burying parmesan cheese and port wine.

The favourite part of the learning was after a debate as to whether King Charles 11 should use explosives to pull down the rest of the houses it was decided that the reasons far out-weighed the reasons against.

The children became rows of houses and were then blown up.

A brilliant fun way of bringing The Great Fire of London to life!