Year 2 Fit4Life

In our Fit4Life sessions, Year 2 have enjoyed staying active by running on the track and playing the games of the week.

On the track, we played ‘Follow the Leader’ in groups. We had to use different movements and speeds to get around the track each time the leader changed.

For this week’s game, we played 5-a-side netball where we had to work as a team to pass the ball to our teammates. If we were able to pass the ball to the person stood in the hoop, then we scored a point!

The second game was 3 in a row played in teams. Each team started with a set of 3 cones and they took it in turns to place the cones inside the hoops. Once all of the cones had been placed, each team had to race to move one cone at a time with the aim of getting three in a row.