Super phonics in Reception!

Last half-term, the children have blown us away by their hard work in phonics. We have introduced them to lots of new level 1+ sounds each day in their phonics lessons and they have been using their new knowledge when reading decodable books 1 to 1 with their class teacher.

Each day the children share their phonics books on the carpet and work beautifully with their partners to identify things in the pictures that include the new sound that they are learning. They have excellent conversations with their partners about what they can see and engage well with the game on the board.

When completing their phonics booklets, we are seeing some lovely improvements in the children’s fine motor skills as they trace the new code and have a go at writing them independently. They are showing off their super reading skills in the booklet too as they able to read some cvc word such as ‘sat, cat, pin, dog’. Well done Reception, keep up the hard work!