Year 2 Technology

Recently, Year 2 travelled back in time to see what technology was like in the past. They explored artefacts such as game boys, Nokia phones, Polaroid cameras, typewriters, Sony video cameras and lots more. The children couldn’t believe the first computer was the size of a whole room! After exploring the artefacts and guessing what we thought they were, we then looked at how technology had changed. The children commented, “It is amazing that mobile phones have no wire now because in the past they were connected to the wall!”

The children have been studying inventors too. They have been learning about Tim Berners-Lee and the importance of his invention, the World Wide Web. The children re-enacted the creation of the World Wide Web and learnt how Tim was frustrated as computers couldn’t talk to one another. So, he devised ‘http’ as a method of allowing all computers to communicate. The children couldn’t believe how technology has changed over the years and they are excited to learn about other great inventors. Great work Year 2!