Magic Maths

Reception have loved starting to learn about numbers, shapes and patterns over the last few weeks.

During one maths lesson they sang and acted out ‘5 currant buns’ and then some of the children chose to play with the coins and buns in their own time. This is a great way to understand the concept of taking away, order of numbers, counting backwards and how quantities change.

The children have also been using pattern blocks, small, wooden shapes, to make patterns and pictures.

These children were very proud of the snake and owl they had made. Great job boys.

I have been very impressed with how the children made up their own game using a dice. They loved rolling the dice to see what number they landed on and then decided to get a whiteboard and write that numeral down. The children are getting really good at recognising the number of dots without needing to count them; great subitising!

Numicon is a great resource to help with counting, quantity and relationships between numbers. The children have concentrated hard to sort the Numicon shapes into sets and were able to explain to me the rules for their sets.

The sorting and counting bugs have also been a big hit, with lots of different ways to match and sort them. Here they have been sorted by colour, but later this little girl sorted them by ‘able to fly’ and ‘not able to fly’.

Finally we are beginning to learn rhymes and sayings to help us form numerals. Look how well we are getting on and our proud faces!