In Maths in Year 1 this week, we have been looking at numbers to 20. Today on a number line, we had to work out missing numbers. We realised we could count back or forward to work out which numbers were missing, and played a game to help us.

We all put on our x-ray glasses, to work out which numbers were hidden in our human number line. We had some great explanations, saying ‘I know that number must be 15, because it is in between 14 and 16’.

After we had made our number lines to help us, we then had some questions to add or take away using them. We noticed that we move along the number line to the right when we add, so our numbers get bigger, and move along to the left when we subtract so that our numbers get smaller.

We all worked really hard on this, and even had a challenge to spot the mistake.

Well done Year One, keep up the super work!