Hooke Court Day 1

Year 4 have arrived at Hooke Court! The children were very excited this morning as they carried their suitcases and bags to the coach on their way to their residential. There were a few nervous faces initially, however everyone has settled in and they are having a great time!

A bright, crisp winter’s day awaited us as we arrived and it wasn’t long before the children were unpacking and trying to make their beds. There was little time to rest as it was soon time for their first set of activities. Some of the children went to conduct a river study, where their welly boots really came in handy – there were a few pairs of soggy feet at the end…


The children learnt about the shape of a river bed, the term velocity and how rivers form in a valley. They also conducted a scientific experiment looking at which part of the river flowed the quickest, all of which is excellent preparation for their study of rivers next half term.

Some of the children have been busy developing their team work skills, building dens and constructing shelters in the woods. They had to work together to design a solid structure and then use natural materials to reinforce their design. They had an excellent time and made some impressive shelters!

A great start to the trip, we are looking forward to the next couple of days!