Jam Sandwiches

In Year One, we have been busy working on instruction writing. Last week we received a letter from Mrs Grinling from our class story ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ asking us to help her get rid of the seagulls eating Mr Grinling’s sandwiches each day. In our English lessons we have been thinking about the features of a set of instructions, and noticed they all have a title, a list of things you will need and a picture of what it should look like when they are finished.

We then thought about following a set of instructions and how important it is to have some numbers to follow, and some imperative (bossy) verbs. We followed each step to make our own jam sandwich which we loved eating too. We saw some great teamwork to help each other with spreading and cutting techniques to make our sandwich.

Next week, in our writing, we will be innovating our own set of instructions to make the most disgusting sandwiches we can to scare off the seagulls. We have already thought of some super things like slugs slime, and cobwebs, those seagulls better beware!