Year 2 Geographers

In Year 2 the children are learning about China and what this place is like. They have then compared China to the UK.

The children were fascinated to learn about famous landmarks you might see if you visited China and wrote some adverts for the different places.

Did you know the Terracotta Warriors were found by accident by someone who was digging a well?

They also found out about The Great Wall of China. Did you know it took nearly 2000 years to build?

The children then found out about famous landmarks in the UK such as The Angel of the North, Mount Snowdon, Stonehenge and Buckingham Palace. Did you know The Angel of the North is seen by one person every second, as it is built next to a motorway!

As well as landmarks the children have been learning about the animals you might see in China and the UK and the habitats they live in.

They were able to see some similarities and differences between the habitats in both countries. They noticed that China and the UK both have forests, but with different animals living in them. They also have coastlines, but some of the waters in China are warmer than the UK; this enables the Dugong to live in Chinese waters- they like warm, shallow waters.