Monkey Puzzle

This half-term the children have been really excited to start our new Talk for Writing story ‘Monkey Puzzle’. We have been super busy learning all of the words and the actions to help us to remember the story. We have been working hard to develop and learn new vocabulary and have chosen our own speed words which we have learnt the definitions of and chosen pictures to represent them in our classroom.

During this Talk for Writing topic, we have been preparing to write our longer pieces of writing and have been creating toolkits as a class to remember all of the things that we need when it comes to writing sentences and stories. The children had some fantastic ideas and reminded their teacher of all of the things they have learnt from Reception when it comes to writing! 

This week, in preparation for our story writing, we have been writing sentences using some excellent adjectives to describe the animals in the story. We have been really impressed with the children’s motivation to learn and can’t believe how beautiful their handwriting is. We even challenged the children to add a verb to their sentences and have been blown away by their work. Well done Year 1!