A right royal reporter

Year 1 have been learning about the Queen and her life after they received a very special message from her (head to the Y1 Instagram stories if you have missed it). But today they had another message from someone who knows the Queen really well; Jennie Bond the former BBC royal correspondent! 

We had sent lots of the children’s work to Jennie for her to look at and give her expert view. We sent portraits we had painted in the style of various famous artists, timelines of the Queens life, information we have learnt about the Coronation and the Coronation Regalia (such as the orb and sceptre) and our learning on the different crowns the Queen wears. 

Kindly, Jennie looked at all the work and sent us a video message! 

Well done Year 1, Jennie was clearly very impressed with everything you have learnt so far.