Instruction Writing in Year 3

In Year 3, we have been learning about the features of instructions in our writing lessons and have learnt a talking text called ‘How to Look After a Pet Dragon’. Last week, we innovated the text as a class and wrote instructions on ‘How to Look After a Pet Unicorn’. We made sure to include important features such as a title, introduction and time connectives. 

This week, we have chosen our own Stone Age animal and have planned our instructions on how to look after them. First, we worked around the classroom to note our different creative ideas on what you would need and what you would need to do to care for a range of Stone Age animals. 

We came up with some great ideas, such as ‘brush its fur with a stick’ and ‘if you want to walk your cave lion, you will need to make a collar out of animal skin’.

We then used these ideas to decide on the animal we wanted to write instructions for and next week we are looking forward to writing them so that you can care for your very own Stone Age animal too!