Maths in Year 1

In Year 1 the children have been doing a great job in maths. We have been counting objects and pictures of objects, comparing and ordering numbers and finding one more and one less. The children have also been learning to use the < (less than) and > (greater than) symbols. This is really tricky but the children are beginning to learn what they mean and are having a fantastic go at writing them. Comparing < and > to the = sign has helped us to see where the smaller and bigger numbers should go, for example, 3 < 7 and 5 > 2.

To help us compare numbers we built cube towers to represent two numbers, compared them and then said which tower had more cubes and which had less.

We also used cubes, along with number lines, to help us find one more and one less than different numbers. Some children also found two more and less than different numbers! We talked about how we could record this and the children used arrows, ‘+1’ and ‘-1’ to show one more and one less than different numbers. 

The children have been working really well with their friends in maths. We know that working with a partner and talking about what we are doing helps us to learn. It is also fun! 

Well done Year 1. You are amazing!