Year 4 Fun Run 2021

The Fun Run 2021 began this week with Year 4 being the first year group to take on the challenge of completing as many laps as they could, around a brand new course (involving all of the school grounds) in order to gain tokens for their house when they completed each lap. The task was by no means easy as the run was to last a full 30 minutes. Two classes at a time battled each other to see which class could run the most laps and win the most tokens for their class, house and as an individual. When I looked at the token box at the end of the afternoons running it was loaded full of tokens from all four houses. Results for the house competition will appear once all of the classes have run the course at the end of the week. All runners did an amazing job with many children surpassing their own expectations and realising they could achieve more than they thought. Daniel and Jack from 4AS ran an amazing 8 laps. Lucas and Connor from 4DB, Luke and Joseph from 4LC and Florence from 4LG all completed a fabulous 7 laps. Mr Sykes also led by example with 7 laps of support for the children. Well done to all of Year 4. You can sit back and relax as the competition continues tomorrow.