CONDUCT an experiment!

In Science, Year 4 have been discovering what you need to make a basic electrical curcuit. They have also been learning about insulators (materials that allow electricity to pass through them) and conductors (materials that don’t allow the flow of electricity. The children were asked to predict which objects, out of a given selection, would conduct electricity and which wouldn’t. Luke from 4LC predicted, as did many others, ‘that the metal items would be conductors and the others would be insulators.’

In order to do this they needed to devise a fair test. Nevaeh from 4DB correctly wrote, ‘we will ensure that we use the same equipment each time, only changing the object we are testing’.

The pupils made sure their circuits worked before adding the different objects to see what would happen. Most of the children correctly predicted that the metal objects would conduct the electricity, allowing the bulbs to light up, while the objects made of wood, plastic or rubber would insulate the current, stopping the bulb from switching on.

What a bunch of bright sparks we have in Year 4!

By the way – never, ever experiment with electricity at home, save it for school where we know how to do it safely!