Y6 Learning This Week

Week commencing 18/ 10 / 2021

Year 6

If you are isolating at home this week, here are some activities you can try.  These will cover the same objectives as those children who are still at school.

  1. English
  2. Maths
  3. Spellings
  4. Topic


English and reading

Lesson 1, 2 and 3: Writing your non-chronological report about your mythical beast 

For the next three lessons, you will be writing your non-chronological report about your own mythical beast. Use your work from last week and your boxed-up plan to help you. We have included examples of formal and informal language as well as scientific language for you to use. If you need a refresher about non-chronological reports or help during writing, you can use the videos and websites below. 

Video: How to write a non-chronological report - BBC Teach  

Video: To write the opening paragraph of a non-chronological report (thenational.academy)  


Lesson 4: Reading 

Today you will be completing a reading comprehension about Robert the Bruce. Use the input slides to help you and complete the different questions. 




Lesson 1: BIDMAS 

Input link: Aut6.7.4 - Order of operations on Vimeo 


Lesson 2: BIDMAS 

Input link: Aut6.7.4 - Order of operations on Vimeo 


Lesson 3: Multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000 

Input link: Aut5.9.5 - Multiply by 10, 100 and 1,000 on Vimeo 

Input link: Aut5.10.3 - Divide by 10 100 and 1000 on Vimeo  


Lesson 4: Arithmetic test 

Input link: Year 6 Arithmetic Practice Paper - Week 2 - (myminimaths.co.uk)  



3. Spellings

Words: direction, explanation, competition, cautious, especially, delicious, conscience, controversy, convenience and correspond 

Lesson 1

Look up each word in a dictionary. Write out its definition and use it in a sentence. If you need an online dictionary, use this website https://dictionary.cambridge.org/  


Lesson 2

Use the method of look, cover, write, check to practise your spellings. Underline any parts of the word that you are finding tricky. 

Lesson 3

Yesterday, you should have underlined any parts of your spelling rules that you found tricky. Practise writing them again but this time write the tricky part in a different colour.  


Lesson 4

Create a word search of your words. See if a family member can find all of them. 


Lesson 5

Get a family member to test you on your spellings. How many did you get right? Which ones will you need to keep working at?  


4. Topic

Lesson 1 and 2 – Documentary about your mythical beast 

For your topic lessons this week, we would like you to create your own documentary about your mythical beast. Watch the different examples of animal documentaries and think about how you can use them to explain your beast. We would love you to send them into us so we can publish them on the school website.  

Example 1: The 'Busy' Life of the Sloth | BBC Earth - YouTube  

Example 2: Amazing Animals With Unusual Superpowers - Wildlife Documentary HD - YouTube 


Science – Human evolution 

Today you will be learning about human evolution. How has our skeleton changed over time? Why has it changed? Use the input to help you and the videos and create a timeline showing and explaining the changes.  

Input link: What is evolution? - BBC Bitesize 

Input link: What Is Evolution & types of HUMANS | Dr Binocs Show | Peekaboo Kidz - YouTube 


RE – Hanukah 

Today you will be learning about the Jewish celebration Hanukkah. Work through the input and create a guide explaining why people celebrate it, how they celebrate it and why it is important. If you need extra information, use the link below to a video.   

Video: What is Hanukkah? - BBC Bitesize  


PSHE – Human rights 

Today you will be thinking about what we mean by human rights and how they affect us. 

Input link: I have a dream (thenational.academy)  


Computing - Coding 

Mr Mitchell would like you to carry on with your Rainforest Coding game. You can find the game by following the link below. The login details are also below. Once you are on, you need to find your class, select your name and then follow the instructions. 

Website: http://www.rainforestcoding.co.uk/rtcr/  

Username: wintonprimary  

Password: robots21 


Music – Timing 

Today you will be learning about how we show different timings in music and how we note them down.  

Input link: To explore changes in metre (thenational.academy)  


PE – Dance 

Today in dance, you will be thinking about how we can use different directions to help us create dances.  

Input link: Directions (thenational.academy)