Y6 Learning This Week

Week commencing 19/7/21

If you are isolating at home this week, here are some activities you can have a go at.  These will cover the same objectives as those children who are still at school.
1.    English 
2.    Maths 
3.    Spellings
4.    French
5.    Continuous Provision

Remember that reading at least three times a week is still part of your work to do at home. You also have your CGP books to work through. The spelling and measures book are for you to use when you have some spare moments. You can choose the pages you do from those two books.

1.    English

Lesson1: Letters to future year 6 students
This week in English we are going to write letters to the future year six students. Some of you will have siblings in year 5 at this point in time so you can write your letter to them if you would like to. In lesson one we would like you to plan what you will have in your letter. You can plan any way you like so why not try a spidergram?

Lesson 2:  Letter planning
When planning did you think about the following content for your letter? You must have at least two things in each of the columns in the table below:

Thoughts Feelings/emotions Lessons learnt Advice How to be successful

Lesson 3: Paragraph 1
You are now ready to write! Aim for a paragraph a day. In your first paragraph you must introduce yourself and what you have enjoyed about year six. Tell the reader what the best bits were, tell them what you found difficult and how you overcame those challenges. 

Lesson 4: Paragraph 2
In paragraph two you must make sure that you tackle the feelings and emotions that you have encountered during year six and, if you like, at various points throughout your time at WPS. Think about the ups and downs of year six and especially how you coped with them. Offer advice to the year fives about how to overcome the pitfalls of education. 

Lesson 5: Paragraph 3
Paragraph 3 is your chance to advise the year 5’s. What do they need to do to make sure that they get through the year successfully? What should they definitely not do? How are they going to make sure that they finish the year with excellent SATS results and are happy in the knowledge that they have done the very best that they could have possibly done. 

2.    Maths

For the last week of Year 6, we are going to revise coordinates and shapes using Oak National Academy lessons. There some squared paper on the website if that is helpful. Have a go at the quizzes that are before the lessons, watch the videos carefully and then try the work.

Lesson 1- Describing coordinate positions on a grid
Lessons 2- Practical coordinates 1
Lesson 3- Practical coordinates 2
Lesson 4- Recognising nets of 3D shapes
Lesson 5- Solve problems involving circles/


3.    Spellings

Here are your words for this week:
divisibility, coordinate, approximately, triangular. significant, commutative, quotient, formulae

Lesson 1: Write each word twice with your right hand and then twice with your left hand.
Lesson 2: Practise the words you have made using any method you like (Look, Cover, Write, Check, colouring the words, making the words out of Lego, word patterns). 
Lesson 3: Write each of the words 3 times, using a different colour for the vowels (a, e, I, o, u) and the consonants. 
Lesson 4: Ask someone to test on any of the words from this unit.
Lesson 5: Practise 15 words from the Year 5 and 6 word list in your diary. Make sure you choose ones that are the trickier words to spell and not the ones you already know how to spell.

4.   French

There are 5 French lessons all about food for you to work through. You can skip the quizzes at the beginning if you want and then watch the videos, pausing to practice the words, and do each quiz at the end of the lessons. Have fun!

5.    Continuous Provision

Reflective symmetry

Go to Differentiated Questions or Questions Generator to create some questions for yourself. 
Can you name all the capital cities of Europe?

Super movers