Y1 Learning This Week

Please find below the learning for the week commencing 2nd November 2020

1. Phonics and English

2. Maths

3. Topic

4. Topic


1. Phonics and English

This week we are continuing to learn some alternative spellings for sounds we already know, this is phase 5. We will revisit the spelling we know (e.g. ai as in rain) and then learn another way that sound can be represented (e.g. ay as in play). 

Use the videos from the link to look at each sound



1. i    Tricky words: little




2. y               Tricky word: one and when




3. ee                      Tricky words: where





4. ea              Tricky words: there





5. English 

Session 1: Can you use the picture cards from our sentence building worksheet attached to build and write your own story. First, you need to choose an interesting opener (such as, One stormy day). Then, you need to choose a character (the dog). After choose a verb (such as ran). Lastly, choose a setting (such as the woods). Put those together to build a sentence.

One stormy day, the dog ran to the woods.

You can build a few sentences or you can write a story about what happens next. What did the dog do in the woods?


Session 2: We are starting our new talk for writing text- Harry Paye. It is all about the life of the pirate Harry Paye who lived in Poole. Can you read the talking text attached below and draw a story map to show the different parts? You can look at the example to help you.


Session 3: First, recap our Harry Paye talking text. We would like you to cut out the muddled up text map attached and put it in the correct order so that you can verbally retell our Harry Paye text. You can use the story map and text map to help you.



2. Maths

White Rose Unit 2- Addition and subtraction


1. Subtraction by crossing out  

2. Subtraction by crossing out  

3. Subtraction by counting back   

4. Fact families

5. Can you recap your number bonds to 10 that we have been learning over the past few weeks?







3. Topic

We are stating a new topic all about pirates! During our ‘A Pirate’s Life’ topic we will be looking at the famous pirate Harry Paye and thinking about why he is important in history.

First, can you make a list of things you already know about pirates? Can you draw a picture of a pirate and write what you know underneath it?

Watch the videos using the links below. Add anything new you have learnt to your list. Can you now think about what else you would like to learn about pirates?






4. Topic

Harry Paye lived long ago in the 14th Century. Timelines are used to show the order of when things happened or how things have changed over time. We will be looking at timelines in school. Can you make a timeline of your life? Have you got photos of when you were born, when you were 1, 2 and 3 years old etc. Can you place them in order and notice how you have changed as you have grown? If you don’t have photos you could draw pictures instead.